Gauteng Municipal Blue Drop Performance 

2012 Provincial Blue Drop Score: 98.1%

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is the best performing municipality in Gauteng Province with support from Rand Water as their Bulk Water Services Provider. The Municipal Blue Drop Score of 98.95% was achieved. Congratulations!       

2nd:  City of Johannesburg
3rd:  Mogale City
  • In spite of water services institutions in this province performing very well, the inspectors could not easily access operations budget amounts. This might well be because of technical and financial staff not operating in an integrated fashion. The 4 municipalities that could adequately present their budgets indicated that on average 12.9% of the operations expenditure was used for maintenance purposes.

  • It is a bit disconcerting that only 4 municipalities (Mogale City, City of Johannesburg, Midvaal and Randfontein) could present water loss information. This could be indicative of another concerning assumption; Gauteng municipalities do not measure their water losses and thus do not included this in their financial planning activities. The average losses are reported as 25%. 

2011 Provincial Blue Drop Score: 95.1%
7 Blue Drop certificates are awarded in Gauteng:

1 Blue Drop : City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality / Johannesburg Water and Rand Water

2 Blue Drops : City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality / Rand Water and Magalies Water 

1 Blue Drop : Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality / Rand Water
1 Blue Drop : Emfuleni Local Municipality / Rand Water
1 Blue Drop : Mogale City Local Municipality / Rand Water
1 Blue Drop : Randfontein Local Municipality / Rand Water

The 100% assessment coverage serves to affirmation the continued commitment by Gauteng municipalities and the Water Boards to provide reliable and uninterrupted water supply to consumers. Through the Blue Drop process, municipalities are renewing their operational baselines and reprioritise their plans with the primary objective of raising the current performance status in terms of municipal drinking water quality management. The incentivebased regulatory approach succeeds to act as a positive stimulus to facilitate improved performance and public accountability, whilst establishing essential systems and processes to sustain and measure gradual improvement. The trends analysis indicates that Gauteng is succeeding in its strive to improve the Provincial Blue Drop score on a continuous basis. The provincial scores increased from 74.4 (2009) to 85.5 (2010) to 95.1% in 2011. Whereas only 13 systems obtained Blue Drop scores 50% in 2010, 28 systems obtained >50% in the 2011 Blue Drop cycle. In addition, the number of systems scoring between 90 100% increased from 9 (2010) to 25 (2011) systems, as indicated in the pie chart hereunder. However, the most significant statistic is the Provincial Blue Drop Score of 95.1%, which places Gauteng as the top national performer. 


System WSA Provincial Blue Drop Score: 85.54%
City of Joburg City of Joburg (+Johannesburg Water and Rand Water) Percentage of Water Service Authorities assessed: 100%
City of Tshwane City fo Tshwane (+Rand Water and Magalies Water)
Ekurhuleni Ekurhuleni Metro (+Rand Water)
Emfuleni Emfuleni LM (+Rand Water)
Mogale City Mogale City (+Rand Water)
Provincial Top 5 Performers
(Average Institutional scores; calculated from water supply system BD scores weighted according to system output)
City of Joburg(+Johannesburg Water, Rand Water) 98.4%
Ekurhuleni (+ Rand Water) 96.8%%
Mogale City (+ Rand Water) 96.7%
City of Tshwane (+Rand Water and Magalies Water) 96.4%
Emfuleni (+Rand Water) 94.5%
Quick Facts

The vast majority of drinking water is supplied from the Rand Water treatment facilities that are managed according to world class standards. In December 2009 the Drinking Water Inspectorate (UK) assisted the Department to assess treatment procedures and it was agreed that treatment operations and management compares well to that of the best in the United Kingdom. 

Average Provincial Compliance figures for the 12 month assessment period:

  • Microbiological:  99.5%

  • Chemical Health:  99.7%

  • Physical & Organoleptic:  99.6%

The Gauteng Municipalities delivered a sterling performance during the 2010 Blue Drop assessments. Only 9% (1 municipality) scored less than 50%; this implies that these authorities have adapted well to the change in mindset and attitude regarding drinking water quality management. (From DWQ monitoring to DWQ Management).