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Kannaland (WC 041)
Tel. No. 028 551 1023/4
Fax No. 028 551 1766 
Address PO Box 30, Ladismith, 6655  
Towns: Brandrivier, Calitzdorp, Groenfontein, Hondewater, Kareevlakte, Kruisrivier, Ladismith, Matjiesvlei, Oosgam, Plathuis, Van Wyksdorp, Zoar
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water infrastructure

Dams: Calitzdorp Dam, Prinsrivier Dam


Municipal Blue Drop Score 2012 : 28.47%
Regulatory Impression:  The performance of Kannaland Local Municipality can only be described as disappointing due to the huge decline in score recorded when compared with the highly praised performance of the 2011 cycle. The municipality is challenged for resources and could hardly afford the loss of its DBSA deployee. The inspectors however found the Superintendent Water and Sanitation to be keen to perform his duties according to Blue Drop requirements but require intensive guidance on the prerequisites for effective drinking water quality management. Also would municipal management be informed that more financial resources/budget be required to implement according to Blue Drop expectation. In the absence of the above-mentioned the Department would hereby state its concern to the communities residing in the various communities of Kannaland (especially Van Wyksdorp) to note that drinking water quality management is not taking place according to regulatory expectations. This will remain until the Department is assured of risk control measures implementation to ensure water which at least would be continuously disinfected. (Ref 6)

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Calitzdorp, Ladismith, Van Wyksdorp, Zoar


Municipal Blue Drop Score 2011 :  55.50%
Regulatory Impression:  The improvement recorded since the 2010 assessments is certainly praise worthy.  As with the Green drop this small municipality evidently committed itself to adhere to the regulatory criteria inspite of limited resources but with impressive commitment.  However there remain specific areas (Vanwyksvlei and Zoar) demanding urgent attention though.  Compliance records in these areas are certainly not favourable. The inspectors found that there was significant improvement in the performance subsequent to the confirmation session.  This is welcomed and servers as testimony that the consultative audits of the Blue Drop programme are adding value. (ref 4)

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Calitzdorp, Ladismith, Van Wyksdorp, Zoar


Municipal Blue Drop Score 2010 :  19.4%
Regulatory Impression:  It is encouraging that this under-resourced municipality managed to record improvement during the last assessment. This is however not according to expectation; therefore the Department would urge Municipal Management to prioritise drinking water quality management improvement.

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Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance


Blue Drop Score

  • Average Blue Drop Score: 11.92%

  • Average DWQ Compliance: 83.9%
Regulatory Impression:There is a serious need for drastic improvement of overall DWQManagement. It is important that decision makers within this municipality prioritize the enhancement of DWQM before all could have complete trust that safe tap water will be supplied continuously. (Ref 1)

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Kannaland 2009


Green Drop Score 2010/11: 49.1%

Regulatory Impression:    Since the 2009 Green Drop assessment Kannaland Local Municipality took huge strides towards improving wastewater management at all of its systems. This is most encouraging and admirable in spite of significant improvement still required at Calitzdorp and Zoar. The Department is also impressed by the dedication shown by this smaller municipality to get a monitoring programme in place and to deliver credible results as a result. (This practice must be extended to Calitzdorp). These results however imply that process optimisation is still vital to ensure that effluent of improved quality is produced. (ref 5)


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Ladismith, Zoar, Calitzdorp


Green Drop Score 2009

  • Average Green Drop Score: 15%

Regulatory Impression:    In terms of the overall Green Drop Assessment, the Municipality is performing poorly.  Generic improvement areas for all the works are compliance in terms of: Registration and classification of the works as well as the operating staff, WWQ Monitoring Programme Efficiency, Regular submission of WWQ information to DWA, WWQ compliance, Management response to Waste Water Failures, and Management planning relating to the WWTW capacity. A substantial adjustment by the WSA is required in relation to the above matters before the various works would qualify for Green Drop status.   (Ref 3)


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Kannaland LM _ 2009

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