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OR Tambo District Municipality
Local Municicpality
King Sabata Dalindyebo LM
Mbizana LM
Mhlonto LM
Ntabankulu LM
Nyandeni LM
Port St Johns LM
Qaukeni LM
OR Thambo District Municipality  (DC 15)
Top Tel. No. 047 501 6400

Fax No.  
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Address Private Bag X 6043, Mthata, 5099
Towns: Bashee Bridge, Bityi, Bizana, Buntingville, Coffee Bay, Flagstaff, FlaMzintlavana, Fort Donald, Gemvale, Holy Cross, Libode, Luqoqweni, Lusikisiki, Magusheni, Malungeni, Matombe, Mbotyi, Misty Mount, , MkambatiMqanduli, Negqeleni, Ngabeni, Ngqungqu, Nobantu, Notintisila, Ntafufu, Ntshilini, Old Bunting, Old Morley, Palmerton, Port Grosvenor, Port St Johns, Qumbu, Redoubt, Sidwadweni, St Cuthberts, Tabankulu, Tina Bridge, Tshani, Tsitsa Bridge, Tsolo, Umtata, Umtentu, Umtweni, Viedgesville
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Dams: Magwa Dam, Mhlanga Dam, Mtata Dam

Waste Water Treatment Works
2012 Municipal Blue Drop Score 2012: 22.70%
Regulatory Impression:   The Blue Drop performance of OR Tambo District Municipality declined significantly mainly due to:
  • Performance records not being readily available for auditing purposes;

  • Officials not adhering to requests for additional information;

  • Monitoring programmes not implemented to verify compliance with the National Standard Limits.

  • Monitoring of drinking water quality is a legislative requirement to ensure that the authority has

  • information that will guide decision making with regards to safe-guarding public health.

  • And without monitoring processes the OR Tambo District Municipality is not able to effectively manage the quality of tap water

A contract was submitted for scrutiny on institutional arrangements, but this was for Umgeni Water and the panel did not view actual work/operations done by this specific water board. The work done by Amatola Water was not presented. The Department is confident that Umgeni and Amatola Water have the ability to assist the OR Tambo District Municipality to improve its Blue Drop performance and it is trusted that such arrangements will be seriously considered to the benefit of the communities served. Laboratory operations and management need be improved. (ref 6)

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ORTambo2.png (139820 bytes) ORTambo3.png (141794 bytes) ORTambo4.png (129146 bytes)

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  Ingquza Hill LM - Borehole System;  Ingquza Hill LM - Flagstaff;  IngquzaHill LM- Xura;  KSD LM- Borehole system

KSD LM: Coffee Bay, Mhlahlane, Mqanduli, Thornhill

Mbizana LM -Borehole System;   Mbizana LM -Mbizana;  Mbizana LM -Nomlacu;   Mhlontlo LM-Borehole System

Mvumelwano Mhlontlo LM Upper Chulunca Mhlontlo LM Sidwadweni Mhlontlo LM

Mhlonto LM- Tsolo; Nyandeni LM-Borehole Systems 

ORTambo6.png (140394 bytes) ORTambo7.png (143492 bytes)

Nyandeni LM - Corana; Lutsheko; Mhlanga; Ngqeleni 

Port St Johns LM- Borehole Systems; Bulolo; Mdlankala; Tombo
2011 Municipal Blue Drop Score 2011: 43.69%
Regulatory Impression:  OR Tambo District Municipality is not performing very well as yet, but impressed with a noteworthyimprovement from 22.2% (in 2010) to 43.7% (in 2011). These statistics serves as gauge of the water services authority’s progress which is encouraging. Nevertheless there remain ample room for improvement especially in the domain of water quality compliance. The Inspectors noted: “The water quality management team of OR Tambo are trying their level best to manage their water supply systems in accordance with the provisions of the Blue Drop Certification Programme. However it is evident that they are confronted with challenges in terms of the lack of resources and management support. OR Tambo DM needs to solicit the support of a drinking water quality management specialist to assist them in the restructuring of their water supply systems, the drafting and correct implementation of water safety plans, operational- and compliance monitoring. With proper restructuring of the modus operandi they would be well placed to achieve Blue Drop status within the next three years as the will and enthusiasm is there.” The municipality is required to prioritise disinfection as a control measure for bacteriological risk to water supply within its entire area of jurisdiction. (ref 4)

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ORTambo2.png (43875 bytes) ORTambo3.png (43468 bytes) ORTambo4.png (44310 bytes) ORTambo4.png (44310 bytes)

Borehole (Rural) Ingquza LM Flagship Ingquza LM Xura Ingquza LM Borehole (Rura KSD LM

KSD LM: Coffee Bay, Mhlahlane, Mqanduli, Thornhill

Borehole (Rural) Mbizana LM Mbizana Mbizana LM Nomlacu Mbizana LM Borehole (Rural) Mhlontlo LM

Mvumelwano Mhlontlo LM Upper Chulunca Mhlontlo LM Sidwadweni Mhlontlo LM Tsolo Mhlontlo LM

Borehole (Rural) Ntabankulu LM Ntabankulu Ntabankulu LM Corana Nyandeni LM Mhlanga Nyandeni LM 

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Ngqeleni Nyandeni LM Bululo Port St Johns LM Mdlankala Port St Johns LM Tombo Port St Johns LM 

2010 Municipal Blue Drop Score 2010 :  22.2% 
Regulatory Impression:  OR Tambo DM has to improve in almost every aspect of the drinking water quality management business since various fundamentals are found not to be in place. This would mean that there is no guarantee that the authority would be capable of maintaining the safeness of tap water quality for sustained periods. The report card indicates a consistent pattern of shortcomings across the spectrum.

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ORTamboDM_Table3.jpg (132879 bytes) ORTamboDM_Table4.jpg (130272 bytes)
Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance 2010 Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance 2010 Table 2 Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance 2010 Table 3 Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance 2010 Table 4


Blue Drop Score 

  • AverageBlueDropScore: 44.78%

  • AverageDWQCompliance: 88.2%

Regulatory Impression: The DWQ management performance of OR Tambo District Municipality ranges from good to poor.  Improvement is however generally required to be adequately prepared for DWQ related incidents.  All towns/villages assessed need improvement in process controlling, credibility of sample analysis and response to DWQ failures.The towns of Libode, Corana, Ngqeleni, Lutsheko and Port St Johns show promise and with some effort can improve on the Blue Drop status currently awarded.  (Ref 1)


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OR Tambo DM 1 _2009 (Ref1)

OR Tambo DM 2 _2009 (Ref1)

OR Tambo DM 3_ 2009 (Ref1)

OR Tambo DM 4_ 2009 (Ref1)


Green Drop Risk Assessment 

Regulatory Impression:  Although the current risk ratings indicate that there has been an overall improvement in the management of the wastewater treatment plants in the OR Tambo District Municipality, four plants are still categorised as critical risk plants and one high risk mainly due to the lack of information regarding the design and operating capacity and the lack of effluent compliance monitoring. This continues to make the management of the treatment process difficult to monitor and optimise and reduction of the risk rating difficult to achieve. Non compliance with R2834 with regard to the operating and maintenance staff also increases the risk of the plant. The operating and design capacity is only known at the Mthatha plant, where the information indicates that the plant is currently overloaded. Refurbishment of the plant has been undertaken which will facilitate the operation of the plant but in the absence of any operational or effluent compliance monitoring it is not possible to determine the impact of hydraulic loading on the treatment performance.

The risk ratings of the remaining five plants have reduced due to the evaporation of the final effluent rather than discharge to the environment which reduces the risk of the plant. The plants are now categorised as medium risk plants. The key risk parameters are the non-compliance with R2834 with regard to the operating and maintenance staff and the lack of influent monitoring. Although effluent compliance monitoring is not a requirement for calculating the risk of oxidation ponds that do not discharge effluent into the environment, it is recommended to enable the treatment performance of the wastewater treatment works to be monitored. Three of these plants are to be upgraded to activated sludge systems. It is essential that the operating capacity and effluent compliance be monitored regularly and the appropriate classified process controllers and maintenance staff (compliance with R2834) be made available to enable the optimal performance of the plants and the reduction of the risk rating. The OR Tambo District Municipality has initiated the process to develop a W2RAP. The Department encourages the Municipality to finalise and implement the W2RAP to facilitate the implementation of risk based interventions to improve compliance and to reduce the risk rating of the plants. Improved compliance with the Green Drop criteria and a reduction of the risk rating will require management support and the appropriate allocation of resources for implementation of corrective actions.  (Ref 7)


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ORTambo2012_LM2.png (80396 bytes)

ORTambo2012_LM3.png (66517 bytes)

RTA2012_ORTambo.png (46820 bytes)

Bizana, Flagstaff, Lusikisiki, Mqanduli

Mthatha, Ngqeleni, Ntabankulu, Port St Johns

Qumbu, Tsolo

Risk Trend Analysis


Green Drop Score 2010/11: 26.2%

Regulatory Impression:  The Department of Water Affairs previously engaged with this municipality on the unsatisfactory state of wastewater service management but terminated regulatory action due to the commitment made by this Authority to invest in improvement. The Green Drop inspection proved that there was an effort made to subsequently advance the situation in particular the Mmthatha system, but all other wastewater systems still require urgent attention. However the performance of the Mmthatha system (which is operating beyond its design capacity) is still far from acceptable. The Department notes the presence of the contractor on site and remains hopeful that the improvements remain work-in-progress. The municipality must ensure that improvement of wastewater management at all municipal treatment facilities and not only Mmthatha. The most disconcerting fact would be that 9 out of the 10 wastewater systems are placed on record by the 2011 Green Drop Assessment to be in the critical risk category. This would mean that together with the improvement of Mthatha, all other systems demands municipal management and decision makers’ sense of responsibility towards the health of the environment and down-stream un-serviced communities. The situation demands commitment to sustainably turn around a dire state of wastewater service management. (Ref 5)


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Mthatha, Qumbu, Tsolo, Ntabankulu

Flagstaff, Lusikisiki, Mqanduli, Port St Johns

Ngqeleni, Bizana

King Sabata Dalindyebo (EC 157)
Top Tel. No. 047 501 4000/1

Fax No.
Address PO Box 44/45 , Mthatha ,5099
Towns: Bashee Bridge, Bityi, Coffee Bay, Mqanduli, Ngqungqu, Old Morley, Umtata, Viedgesville
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Dams: Mtata Dam

Mbizana (EC 151)
Top Tel. No. 039 251 0230

Fax No. 039 251 0917
Email/Web  ; 
Address PO Box 12, Bizana, 4800
Towns: Bizana, Fort Donald, Magusheni, Ngabeni, Redoubt, Umtentu
Water tariffs:


Mhlontlo  (EC 156)
Top Tel. No. 047 553 7000
Fax No. 047 553 0189
Email/Web   ; 
Address PO Box 31 , Qumbu, 5180
Towns: Qumbu, Sidwadweni, St Cuthberts, Tina Bridge, Tsitsa Bridge, Tsolo
Water tariffs:


Ntabankulu (EC 
Top Tel. No. 039 258 0056

Fax No. 039 258 0173 
Email/Web   ; 
Address PO Box 234, Ntabankulu, 5130
Towns: Ntabankulu
Water tariffs:


Nyandeni (EC 
Top Tel. No. 047 555 0332

Fax No. 047 555 0202
Email/Web  ; 
Address PO Box 27 , Libode, 5160
Towns: Buntingville, Libode, Misty Mount, Negqeleni, Nobantu, Notintisila, Old Bunting, Tshani
Water tariffs:


Port St Johns (EC 154)
Top Tel. No. 047 564 1207        047 564 1208      

Fax No.  047 564 1206
Address PO Box 2, Port St Johns, 5120
Towns: FlaMzintlavana, Gemvale, Luqoqweni, Malungeni, Matombe,Ntafufu, Ntshilini, Umtweni, Port St Johns
Water tariffs:


Qaukeni (EC 153)
Top Tel. No. 039 252 0131
Fax No. 039 252 0699
Address PO Box 14, Flagsstaff, 4810   ;  135 Main Street
Towns: Flagstaff, Holy Cross, Lusikisiki, Mbotyi, Mkambati, Palmerton, Port Grosvenor
Water tariffs:


Dams: Dams: Magwa Dam, Mhlanga Dam

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