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Joe Gqabi District Municipality
Local Municicpality
Joe Gqabi District Municipality ( Ukhahlamba) (DC 14)
Top Tel. No. 045 979 3000

Fax No. 045 971 0251
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Address Private Bag X102, Barkley East, 9786
Towns: Aliwal North, Barkley East, Bluegums, Burgersdorp, Clanville, Clifford, Elands Height, Halcyon Drift,  Herchel, Jamestown, Karringmelkspruit, Katkop, Kinirapoort, Knapdaar, Ku-Mayima, Lady Grey, Lahlangubo, Lower Pitseng, Lundin's Neck, Maclear, Morristown, Moshesh's Ford, Mount Fletcher, New England, Ntywenka, Oviston, Palmietfontein, Rhodes, Rossouw, Sterkspruit, Steynsburg, Swempoort, Ugie, Venterstad, Vineyard, Witkop
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Dams:  Bravo Dam, Bulhoek Dam, Craigievar Dam, Driefontein Dam, Eselshoek Dam,  J.L.De Bruin Dam, Klipkraal Dam, Lady Grey Dam, Rhenosterkop Dam

Waste Water Treatment Works


Municipal Blue Drop Score 2012: 85.18%
Ugie, Sterkspruit
Regulatory Impression:  A general positive trend resulted in improved performance by the Joe Gqabi District Municipality and its water services providers. The Department salutes the Municipality for achieving Blue Drop Certification status for the systems at Ugie and Sterkspruit for the second year in a row. This is a commendable feat, particularly in view of all the challenges historically faced by this water services authority. It is unfortunate that the significant improvement trend of 2011 could not be maintained but it is satisfactory that the performance of the previous audit cycle is maintained. It is assumed that a conscious strategic decision was taken to ensure that the two Blue Drops are sustained, which is viewed as positive, but it is required that similar action plans be employed to extend the Blue Drop range to other systems as well. The smaller rural systems are currently not included within the Blue Drop programme for this municipality. However it is expected that within the next audit cycle sufficient operations, management and compliance information should be in place for their inclusion in the regulatory programme. The Lead Inspector noted: The Municipality was well prepared for the audit and provided the inspectors with required information. They were all cooperative and also working as one united team. This is the kind of performance that justifies previous and current recognition given to this municipality for excellent team work. (Ref 6)
JoeGqabi1.png (176787 bytes) JoeGqabi2.png (123849 bytes) JoeGqabi3.png (134835 bytes)
Maclear,  Ugie,  Burgersdorp, Oviston Aliwal North,  Jamestown,  Barkley East,  Lady Grey

Lady Grey, Rhodes, Sterkspruit


Municipal Blue Drop Score 2011: 83.49%
Ugie, Sterkspruit
Regulatory Impression:  The Department commends the performance of JoeGqabiDistrictMunicipalityduring this Blue Drop assessment period. Together with various water services providers (Elundini LM; Gariep LM; Maletswai LM; Senqu LM and Amatola Water), DWA found the municipal officials well prepared and eager to improve drinking water quality (DWQ) management within the 11 supply systems presented for evaluation. The definitive laudable feat would therefore be that DWA can award the Joe Gqabi with Blue Drop Certification in 2 water supply systems (Ugie and Sterkspruit). The Department wish to encourage the Municipality to not rest on its laurels but to maintain the performance and supply of drinking water safe for human consumption. (Ref 4)
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Maclear,  Ugie,  Burgersdorp, Oviston Aliwal North,  Jamestown,  Barkley East,  Lady Grey

Rhodes,  Rossouw Boreholes, Sterkspruit


Municipal Blue Drop Score 2010 :  55% 

Regulatory Impression:  Even though the report card shows a pattern of digress, the Department was quite impressed with the pragmatic approach the municipality adopted to improve DWQ management in their area of jurisdiction. This serves as promise for sustainable improvement. Currently it is found that the management of DWQ by Joe Gqabi DM (Ukhahlamba) is satisfactory but with sufficient room for improvement. It would not be unfair to expect excellence in the next reporting cycle since there is sufficient reason for structured optimism.  There remains however the need to implement protocols towards overall microbiological quality improvement, especially in the town of Ugie. The quality compliance results suggest that disinfection practices requires attention.

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Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance (Table 1) Water Supply Systems Blue Drop Performance (Table 2)


Blue Drop Score 

  • AverageBlueDropScore:  65.3%

  • AverageDWQCompliance:  95.1%

Regulatory Impression: The DWQ management performance of Ukhahlamba District Municipality is satisfactory;  however,  improvement is required to be adequately prepared for DWQ related incidents. Process Controlling and management at all the water treatment works is the primary concern, along with disinfection optimisation, which is required in the towns of Burgersdorp, Lady Grey, Maclear, Sterkspruit and Rhodes.  Laboratory services from accredited providers will further improve the BlueDrop scores.  With attention to these points, the water supply systems should be obtaining Blue Drop status during the next round of assessments. (Ref 1)


UkhlambaDM1.jpg (138094 bytes)

UkhlambaDM2.jpg (114640 bytes)

Ukhahlamba DM1 2009 (Ref1)

Ukhahlamba DM2 2009 (Ref1)


Green Drop Risk Assessment

Regulatory Impression:  The Joe Gqabi Local Municipality has shown good progress with the performance of their wastewater treatment plants where the risk rating of nine of their plants has reduced. Seven plants are categorised as medium risk plants and four plants as high risk plants. Key risk parameters include the lack of influent monitoring (only two plants monitor influent flowrates) and poor effluent compliance. Non compliance with R2834 with regard to the operating and maintenance staff also increases the risk of the plant.

The risk ratings of the Maclear and Ugie oxidation ponds has reduced due to the evaporation of the final effluent rather than discharge to the environment which reduces the risk of the plant. The plants are now categorised as low risk. Key risk parameters are the lack of information regarding the operating capacity and non compliance with R2834 for operating and maintenance staff. Although monitoring is not a requirement for calculating the risk of oxidation ponds that do not discharge effluent into the environment, it is recommended to enable the treatment performance of the wastewater treatment works to be monitored. Of concern however is that three plants have increased their risk rating and are now categorised as critical risk plants due to lack of influent monitoring information and the lack of effluent compliance monitoring. The lack of information with regard to the operating capacity and design capacity and the compliance of the final effluent render the management of the treatment process difficult to monitor and optimise and the reduction of the risk rating.

The Municipality is to be commended for the number of upgrading and refurbishment interventions already implemented and the Business Plans developed to request funding for additional refurbishment and upgrading projects. This demonstrates a proactive approach to ensuring optimal treatment performance and will result in a reduction in the risk rating. The Department encourages the Joe Gqabi Local Municipality to develop a Green Drop Implementation Plan and W2RAP for to facilitate the implementation of risk based interventions to improve compliance and to reduce the risk rating of the plants. Improved compliance with the Green Drop criteria and a reduction of the risk rating will require management support and the appropriate allocation of resources for implementation of corrective actions.  (Ref 7)


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JOeGqabi2012_LM3.png (83364 bytes)

JOeGqabi2012_LM(4).png (87267 bytes)

RTA2012_JoeGquabi.png (59082 bytes)

Aliwal North, Barkley East (Old Plant), Barkley East (New Plant), Burgersdorp

Herchel, Jamestown, Lady Grey, Maclear (AS)

Maclear (OP), Mount Fletcher, Oviston, Prentjiesberg

Sterkspruit, Steynsbrug, Ugie, Venterstad

Risk Trend Analysis


Green Drop Score 2010/11: 22.04%

Regulatory Impression:  This is the first Green Drop assessment of Joe Gcabi District Municipality and it confirms that wastewater management is not up to standard across the entire jurisdiction area. While this municipality gave great attention to improve the state of drinking water quality management, the same is yet to be seen in wastewater. It should be noted that wastewater treatment is the first risk barrier to safe drinking water supply, and therefore the municipality is required to give similar attention to wastewater. The municipality scored good in the areas of Process Control and Bylaws which is laudable. However it is important that urgent turn-around planning is done to ensure further damage to the environment (due to under-performing wastewater treatment) is minimised and ultimately stopped. While effluent quality compliance is an area of great concern, the condition of Burgersdorp and Jamestown should be given special attention since both these wastewater treatment works are determined to be within the critical risk category (scored 100% maximum possible risk regarding it cumulative risk rating). A recommended start would be to put systems in place to obtain operational information which would allow management to be based upon the actual situation. (Ref 5)


JoeGqabiDm1.png (56421 bytes)

JoeGqabiDm2.png (52208 bytes)

JoeGqabiDm3.png (53831 bytes)

JoeGqabiDm4.png (47664 bytes)

Prentjiesberg, Ugie, Maclear

Mount Fletcher, Burgersdorp, Oviston, Venterstad

Steynsburg, Aliwal North, Jamestown, Lady Grey

Sterkspruit, Herchell, Barkley East


Green Drop Score 2009

  • Average Green Drop Score: 3%

Regulatory Impression: The WWQ management performance of the Ukhahlamba District Municipality, as a whole, is very poor. Substantial improvement is required in the all areas of WW Management. (Ref 3)


Ukhahlamba_DM_2009.jpg (88361 bytes)

Ukhahlamba  WWTW 2009

Elundini  (EC 141)
Top Tel. No. 045 932 8100

Fax No. 045 932 1094
Address PO Box 1, Maclear, 5480     ; 1 Seller Street, Maclear
Towns: Elands Height, Halcyon Drift, Katkop, Kinirapoort, Ku-Mayima, Lahlangubo, Lower Pitseng, Maclear, Mount Fletcher, Ntywenka, Ugie
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Gariep (EC 144)
Top Tel. No. 051 653 1777ariep

Fax No. 051 653 0056
Email/Web    ; 
Address PO Box 13, Burgersdorp, 9744
Towns: Burgersdorp, Knapdaar, Oviston, Steynsburg, Venterstad
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Dams:  Bravo Dam, Bulhoek Dam, Craigievar Dam, Driefontein Dam, Eselshoek Dam, Gariep Dam, J.L.De Bruin Dam, Rhenosterkop Dam

Maletswai  (EC 143)
Top Tel. No. 051 633 2441

Fax No. 051 634 1307 
Email/Web   ;  
Address Private Bag X1011,  Aliwal North,  9750   : Barkley Street, 
Towns: Aliwal North, Jamestown, Swempoort, Vineyard, Witkop
Water tariffs:

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Dams:  Klipkraal Dam 

Senqu (EC 142)
Top Tel. No. 051 603 0019

Fax No. 051 603 0445
Email/Web       ;  
Address PO Box 18, Lady Grey, 9755   ; 19 Murray Street
Towns: Barkley East, Bluegums, Clanville, Clifford, Herchel, Karringmelkspruit, Lady Grey, Lundin's Neck, Morristown, Moshesh's Ford, New England, Palmietfontein, Rhodes, Rossouw, Sterkspruit
Water tariffs: Tariff Structure

Geographical overview of water and waste water treatment works


Dams: Lady Grey Dam

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