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The major dams in the  Marico  River catchment are:

Because of the economic crisis in the Marico area, the government appointed a Scottish engineer to design the dam for Groot Marico River to give the farmers in the area the opportunity to earn a salary building the dam. The Scottish engineer lived at the Marico Hotel and was warned by the locals that when rain fell in that area, it wasn't a soft drizzle as in Scotland , but was in the form usually of heavy thunderstorms. They warned that it was unlikely that the wall would contain the floods of the Groot Marico!

True to prediction when the rain started, flood waters came down washed away the dam wall and destroyed the wheat crop below the dam. (

Dam name Maximum capacity (mil.cub.m.) Approximate coordinates General
Latitude Longitude
Madikwe Dam       Thulane River, tributary of the Groot Marico
Marico Bosveld Dam 27.0     Groot-Marico River
Molatedi Dam 200.8     Groot-Marico River
Klein Maricopoort Dam  7.1    

On the Little Marico River.  Water from this dam is mainly used for irrigation along the Marico River.

Sehujwane Dam 3.6     Water from this dam is mainly used for irrigation along the Marico River.
Kromellenboog Dam 9.0     Klein Marico River
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