---South African Rivers---
  SOUTH WEST COAST RIVERS (Saldanha to Cape Point)

The area between the Berg River and the Diep River mouth at Milnerton (approximately 130 km) is drained by a few relatively small streams. A few small rivers drain the western slopes of the peninsula's mountains.


Bok River       
The Bok River drains the area west of Sandanha Bay. The mouth is in Saldanha Bay, north of the iron ore jetty. Effluent from the Saldanha Bay sewage treat is discharged into the river.        
Modder River     
The Modder River drains the Dassenberg hills at Mamre. The mouth is at Grotto Bay.     
Diep River      
The  Diep River drains the area between the Kasteel Mountain (north of Malmesbury) and the northern slopes of the Durbanville Hills.    
Salt River    
The Salt River is the last 2.5 km of a network of rivers and streams, draining the northern part of the Cape Flats, the eastern and southern slopes of Tygerberg Hills and the eastern slopes of Table Mountain.      
Hout Bay River       
The Hout Bay River (the Disa in the upper catchment) drains the southern slopes of Table and Constantia Mountains, the picturesque Hout Bay basin. The mouth is in Hout Bay. The origin of the Disa River is at the Woodhead Dam.      

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