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Why is the National Water Act important?  

The National Water Act is important because it will put in place those things contained in the South African Constitution that are about water. 

Water is fundamental for all life. Without water no person, plant, animal or living organism can survive. It waters the fields of farmers; it waters the crops and stock of rural communities; it provides recreation, it supports the environment, it supports towns and cities, mines, industry, and power generation. People need water for drinking, growing and cooking food, washing, and for health. Water is a critical part of social and economic development to alleviate poverty.   

South Africa is a dry country, with a low average rainfall. Our rivers are small in comparison with other countries. A number of our larger rivers are shared with other countries. Many of our existing water resources have been over-used or significantly altered. Every day people and organisations have an impact on the quality of our rivers and streams, our groundwater, and wetlands.   

Many areas in the country are facing water shortages, where the requirements for water are greater than the available water. In these areas the environment is under stress and some people do not have access to potable (drinkable) water or do not get their fair share of water.   

The National Water Act is important because it provides a framework to protect water resources against over exploitation and to ensure that there is water for social and economic development and water for the future. It is also important because it recognises that water belongs to the whole nation for the benefit of ALL people.



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