The Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) is a newly established regional center of excellence on groundwater hosted by the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa on behalf of and under the strategic guidance of the SADC Secretariat, Directorate of Infrastructure and Services – Water Division, in Gaborone, Botswana.


1.  Senior Groundwater Specialist, Bloemfontein


To provide technical support to the Director of the SADC-GMI and SADC Member States to coordinate and facilitate the design and implementation of (research, development, capacity building etc.) programmes in line with the strategic mandate of the GMI.
This post requires high level technical understanding of groundwater management. The Incumbent reports to and is accountable to the SADC-GMI Director.

  • A Masters or PhD. level degree in groundwater, hydrogeology, geohydrology, natural resource management, water resources or related field

  • At least 10 years of working experience in groundwater or natural resources management or related fields with recognized technical expertise

  • Experience with work and travel in SADC member states is an asset

  • Excellent computer skills, including MS office programs (MS Excel/MS Word/MS Project)

  • Excellent knowledge of English (writing, reading and speaking)

  • Fluency in SADC Languages (French, or Portuguese) is desirable

  • Supporting the SADC-GMI Director in the development and operation of the SADC-GMI

  • Developing and overseeing projects, programmes, courses and other activities to move forward groundwater management in the SADC region

  • Providing strategic support with regard to policy direction, including alignment of operations to strategic outputs and assisting with the interpretation of the mandate of the SADC-GMI into strategic objectives

  • Driving capacity building and groundwater management programmes of the SADC-GMI in line with the strategic business plan

  • Serving on the senior management team of SADC-GMI to set policy, define objectives, developing marketing and operational plans
    Assisting in the collection and analysis of groundwater related data as well as the creation and operation of databases and knowledge management platforms

  • Initiating, managing and supervising the SADC-GMI’s technical groundwater projects and programmes

  • Drafting terms of reference and funding proposals for research projects and programmes

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with SADC member representatives and relevant institutions, and establishing the reputation of the SADC-GMI

  • Liaising with international, SADC based organizations and governments on capacity building and support initiatives

  2.  Communications and M&E Specialist
Details: The incumbent will be responsible for outreach, awareness raising, dialogue and advocacy work; monitoring and reporting of SADC-GMI activities as well as managing the access and exchange of information and knowledge using ICT, print, audio and visual media. S/he will report directly to the Director of SADC-GMI.  
  • At least a degree level qualification with majors in communications and monitoring & evaluation, or related disciplines with key qualifications in these relevant fields;

  • At least 10 years of working experience in related fields performing core functions in institutional/project communications as well as monitoring and evaluation using various methods including the print, visual and ICT applications;

  • Previous working experience in the water sector within sub-Saharan Africa and particularly in the SADC region is an asset

  • Demonstrated knowledge or ability to work on the development and operation of computer based databases and learning platforms is critical;

  • Excellent computer skills, including MS office programs (MS Access/Excel/Project);

  • Knowledge of specific Monitoring & Evaluation software applications is an advantage;

  • Excellent knowledge of English (writing, reading and speaking)

  • Fluency in the other SADC Languages (French, or Portuguese) is desirable

  • Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

  • Supporting the Director of the SADC-GMI with the day-to-day running of the Communication and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) functions supported in the SADC-GMI Articles of Association and its Business Plan.

  • Ensuring that the M&E framework is aligned to the Results Framework and indicators of the GEF-5 focal area for International Waters, the CIWA multi-donor Trust-fund, and the World Bank’s core indicators

  • Supporting the SADC-GMI Director in organising the multi-stakeholder mid-term review and preparation of the completion report upon project closing 

  • Assisting the Senior Groundwater Specialist in the collection, assessment and integration of the available deliverables of the predecessor Groundwater Drought Management Programme (GDMP) (includes research reports and data, mapping, communication materials, website, and groundwater monitoring tools and IT-equipment) into the SADC-GMI activities

  • Building a platform and networks of cooperation and knowledge-sharing, connecting stakeholders such as experts, decision-makers, and representatives from groundwater-dependent sectors as well as international groundwater agencies

  • Serving as key expert for awareness raising, knowledge management and communication involving the critical activities to inform, engage and maintain dialogue with key stakeholders at all levels through implementing a graphic profile and communication activities, running an updated SADC-GMI website, disseminating information and knowledge and developing online learning platforms

  • Building the capacity of  SADC-GMI staff and key stakeholders in the development, implementation and use of the communication, ICT and monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Supporting the SADC-GMI Director and the entire team in the production of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and adhoc reports as necessary

  3.  Procurement and Grants Officer, Bloemfontein

The Procurement and Grants Officer will support the SADC-GMI staff on delivering activities and reporting on progress related to procurement routines; alongside providing operational support to the Sub-Grant Scheme. S/he will report directly to the Director of SADC-GMI

  • At least a post-graduate degree in procurement, project management or related disciplines with core qualifications in procurement

  • At least 10 years of working experience in similar roles involving the administration of procurements in the relevant technical fields

  • Excellent knowledge of English (writing, reading and speaking)

  • Fluency in SADC Languages (French, or Portuguese) is desirable

  • Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

  • Demonstrated experience in the setting up and/or administration of sub-grant schemes relevant to international funding agencies such as the World Bank and ability to perform necessary fiduciary due diligence, reporting and audits

  • Supporting the SADC-GMI as the reference point for all procurement related matters

  • Leading in the administration and compliance with World Bank, SADC Secretariat and UFS procurement policies and regulations

  • Ensuring the operational alignment of procurement procedures within SADC-GMI and among implementing parties

  • Serving as the SADC-GMI’s key expert in the establishment and running of the Sub-Grant Scheme to support national level focal groups and pilot activities. The Sub- Grant Scheme will include the planning, priority setting, calls for proposals, review, selection and award, as well as monitoring of results, financial management and compliance with the Sub-Grant Agreements. A Sub-Grants Manual, acceptable to the World Bank prior will be in place and the successful candidate will spearhead its implementation

  • Identifying opportunities and advise SADC Member States on securing funding for infrastructure development from domestic budgets, as well as bilateral and international cooperating partners through dissemination of announcement of funding opportunities and tailored information on the economic contribution of groundwater management as advocacy for greater national budget allocations and other funding resources


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