Title Surname Name Company Contributions
Mr  Bosman Eddie US Assistance and guidance to  possible partnerships and cooperation.
Mr Bowers Tony Valuable inputs to the Waste Water Treatment Plant Assistant.
Dr Claassen Marius CSIR Photos: With specific reference to birds.
Ms De Bruin Kim The Enviropedia
Mr du Toit Nico Private Photos: Water resources
Ms du Plessis Bianca Private Photos: Seascape and environment
Mr Dyason Brian DWAF Photos: Photos of Namakwaland, water infrastructure, ecology, etc. Specific reference to a large collection of windmills.
Mr Engelbrecht Andro Private Photos
Dr Heydorn Allan E.F. Private Expert advice (estuaries) and material
Dr Hodges Neil Private Ecological photos.
Dr Jacobs Heinz US Valuable contribution
Prof Jagals Paul UJ Photos
Me Jansen Corle Private Photos
Ms Mare Elize Mogale City Valuable inputs to the Waste Water Treatment Plant Assistant.
Mr Murray Tony SA Institution of Civil Engineering Valuable input in water history
Dr Offringa Gerhard Valuable input to the literature module and data.
Mr Robertson Farouk COCT Photos
Prof Schulze Roland University of Natal Valuable input to water resources (Thukela River)
Dr Shand Mike Ninham Shand Valuable input in water history
Dr van Driel Dirk Photos: A continuous source of photos of the ecology (plants, animals and birds), water resources (dams and rivers), waste water treatment plants, estuaries, etc.
Mr van Wyk Niel Friends of Rietvlei Photo source and assistance with valuable data for Wetlands and Estuaries
Mr Wagner Etienne Private Photos of the Drakensberg

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